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OPTIS online parent teacher interview information

Did you know? 

Xavier Junior High has a Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Club!  The KES Club is available Monday-Friday at 8:20 am. It is located in the school's cafeteria. There is no charge and all children are welcome to attend! We know healthy kids with a full stomach, learn better and are more engaged in school. Volunteer and financial support is always needed to help serve and support our KES Club! To volunteer or donate please contact Mrs. L. Hyde at the school, 635-2196 or Patti Bouzanne.

At XAVIER JUNIOR HIGH our KES Breakfast Club provides a nutritious breakfast to support students with a solid foundation they need to be successful in school. Our goal is to provide children with the nutrition they need to learn, to grow, and to be their very best! We believe that GOOD EATING = GOOD THINKING! We offer a breakfast club serving approximately 80-90 students every morning.  There are plenty of studies to show that a healthy breakfast positively influences students health, academic achievement and so much more! Please support our breakfast club at Xavier Junior High.



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