Victoria Curam Amat  --  Victory Favors Those Who Work

Our Mission

Through our unique and enriched curriculum, the mission of Xavier Junior High School is to foster life-long learning skills within the total person so that our students may achieve success in an ever-changing society.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe that teachers, parents/guardians, students and 

  2. the community as a whole are a part of our educational process.

  3. We believe our entire school system is committed to 

  4. promoting excellence in learning.

  5. We believe the school is receptive to change.

  6. We believe learners are unique individuals requiring nurturing to 

  7. develop their strengths and talents. 

  8. We believe the school is committed to promoting a learning 

  9. environment that is safe, dynamic, and visionary.

  10. We believe that learning is an ongoing process.

  11. We believe that teachers facilitate and enhance individual

  12.  learning. 

  13. We believe that teaching creates rewarding experiences.

  14. We believe that parents/guardians are an integral part of 

  15. the educational process.

  16. We believe that all students can learn.


  1. WE are a nut aware school, please do not bring food containing any kind of nuts and/or tree nuts to Xavier

  • We also have seafood allergies in our school

  1. We are a SCENT SENSITIVE school.